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test_largeOfflineStore.js frequently times out on OS X VMs


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Looking at a random test failure yesterday, I noticed that test_largeOfflineStore.js was timing out.

Tracking it back over tinderbox history, it times out whenever we run test_largeOfflineStore.js on an OS X VM machine.

We basically end up with something like:

TEST-PASS | /Volumes/Build/macosx-comm-central-check/build/objdir/mozilla/_tests/xpcshell/test_imap/unit/test_imapUndo.js | test passed

command timed out: 300 seconds without output, killing pid 3112
process killed by signal 9
program finished with exit code -1
TinderboxPrint: xpcshell-tests<br/><em class="testfail">T-FAIL</em>
buildbot.slave.commands.TimeoutError: command timed out: 300 seconds without output, killing pid 3112

This test is creating a multi-GB file, but I thought it was just a sudo-creation.

Could the timeout be too short for the VMs or are we doing something we really shouldn't be doing?

cc'ing bienvenu and gozer to discuss. I'd certainly like to get this tidied up as its a significant orange at the moment.
It really creates a multi-GB file, but it doesn't write data to the file (it just seeks past 4GB and then writes a few bytes). However, it doesn't use the "sparse file api". I think sid0 is writing a patch to do so, but it does require that the OS supports sparse files. He might just be doing it for Windows.
OS X's HFS+ doesn't support sparse files -- we're out of luck I guess.
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I'd suggest make the test disable on mac until HFS+ supports sparse file
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Disable on Mac

yeah, I'm OK with this.
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Whiteboard: [orange][test disabled on OS X] → [test disabled on OS X]
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