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I can't (or don't know how to) customize the date, time and calender views in Sunbird and/or Lightning. In both programs, the date and time are always displayed in US 12hr format (ie, mm/dd/yyyy, and hham or hhpm), and in Lightning, I can also only see one day, not the whole month.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. install lightning or sunbird
2. play

Both programs appear to be lacking at least an about:config dialogue, or any other kind of UI and documentation about how to customize this. At least one additional view, ISO dates + 24hr time, is MUCH desirable.
Date and time format is taken from your operating system and locale. If you configure your operating system (not just the desktop system) to use 24 hour format it will be picked up by Sunbird/Lightning. In Sunbird/Lightning preference dialog you can choose between the short an long format specified by your operating system.

Lightning 0.9 offers the same views as Sunbird 0.9, i.e. day / week / multiweek / month view. Use the toolbar buttons or menu commands to switch views.

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I have Lightning 1.0b1, not 0.9. I'll see whether I can play with LC_TIME & friends to achieve a sensible date display, but reconfiguring the whole system is certainly out of the question. Think "terminal server" and/or "multi user".

The point about views in Lightning is a misunderstanding. I like to concurrently see my email and my calendar in one window, and in a single tab (I'm using TB3). On the bottom, I have a button saying "Today Pane", and that's about the only way to see all items together, but in this view, I can only see one day, not eg. one or two months. The current month only appears as a flyout if I click the down arrow in the day's field, but I'd like to permanently see them all (eg. 20 days back and 40-50 days in advance). I don't see how or where to configure this.
Yes, the Today Pane shows only the Agenda for the next days. You can choose View > Today Pane > Show Mini Month to always view the overview month. To get a detailed calendar view choose Events & Tasks > Calendar.
We will not be providing a calendar view in the mail tab, aside from whats possible in the today pane. Regarding the environment variables, you can also start just Thunderbird/Lightning with the changed LC_ variables. There are other bugs around that handle deciding on how to better handle the OS date issue.
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