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"Mozilla Drumbeat is a global community  of people and projects using technology to help internet users understand, participate and take control of their online lives."

Those projects can be as varied as stopping malware, creating a university course syllabus, making a film or designing icons. All of the great people doing this stuff will have blogs, and we'd like to keep track of what they are doing. However, this wide diversity makes is think that perhaps is not the right place for all this new content, and we really need a separate planet, at

CCing some crew for their thoughts.

IT: is this quite an easy request or deeply complicated? Can one installation of the planet software run multiple planets?

This is a common request. I'll take this for now to do the set up in svn and then pass back to IT to do the changes they need to do.
Assignee: server-ops → reed
As per IRC convo with gerv, reassigning to him until confirmation by drumbeat people that this is wanted. If it is wanted, please reassign to me.
Assignee: reed → gerv
_drumbeat_ people are fairly sure they want this. It's the opinion of people I'm interested in :-)

OK, I'll take the deafening silence as consent :-)

Reed, please do the necessary. Thanks :-)

Assignee: gerv → reed
Planet Mozilla and Planet Drumbeat are totally different things -- no other planet (firefox, mobile, etc) has asked for (or needs) our approval because we have nothing to do with it (beyond Reed volunteering to get it set up).
Deb: sure. I just wanted to make sure we didn't tread on anyone's toes, and you guys didn't think this stuff would be better off as part of Planet Mozilla.

Eventually I'd like to re-merge all the Planets, but right now we don't have the software/set up to do it very well.  I don't want to block anyone else's work or projects on this since we really don't know when we'll be able to get this sorted out.  I appreciate you asking :)
I did all the work on my side for this several days ago, but just forgot to update the bug. :(

Steps for IT:
* Create /data/static/www/ (just mkdir)
* Add apache config for (should basically match what and have)
* Add CNAME for to
* Create symlink under planet/trunk/themes/ for "moz_drumbeat" that points to
planet/branches/drumbeat/theme (see existing symlinks and follow same
* Add "drumbeat" to script (there's a list of planets in the
* Grant rw access to /projects/planet/branches/drumbeat/
in svn's authz (he already has svn access for other stuff, so this should just
be an addition to authz only)
Assignee: reed → server-ops


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Assignee: server-ops → shyam

Comment 9

9 years ago

Who controls DNS for Doesn't look like that's MoCo IT?
Hi shyam,

No, it's not right now. Are you all ready to go apart from the DNS?

If you can tell us what records need putting in place, we can make them happen.


Comment 11

9 years ago
(In reply to comment #10)
> Hi shyam,
> No, it's not right now. Are you all ready to go apart from the DNS?

Yup! All set. Make the DNS changes and stuff should just work (tm)!
> If you can tell us what records need putting in place, we can make them happen.

Just what Reed said in comment #8, * Add CNAME for to
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