Remove location and search sheets and show the toolbar when needed instead



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See the discussion in bug 541296 comment 0 and comment 1, as well as

We haven't been supporting the sheets as first-class UI for a long time; the location sheet in particular keeps missing out on a lot of the improvements we add to the location bar.  Since Dan broke autocomplete in the sheet, we really need to resolve the situation, either by fixing autocomplete, or by removing the sheets entirely and showing the toolbar when it's hidden (and disabling Cmd-L/Cmd-Opt-F when the bars are removed from the toolbar) like Safari does.

This bug is about the latter (and blocks existing bugs on changes/fixes the sheets need in order to be brought up-to-date with the toolbar equivalents); we should WONTFIX them once this is implemented.  pink's only requirement is that the showing/hiding we do be animated, like the standard show/hide behavior.
Flags: camino2.1?
I don't think this is something we'll get for 2.1.x, but we should still consider it if a patch shows up, assuming that it doesn't touch (add or modify an existing element) of a nib.
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