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Thank-you notes for contributions


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A couple of observations:

First, emailing amo-unsubscribe@moco resulted in a quick reply from Nick,  confirming that we don't have an automatic system in place for handling opt-out requests. I see the manual $email_blacklist in site config, and will just rely on that for now.

Second, from the spec:

"The PayPal IPN contains the email address of the user making the payment- we'll have to use this to generate the thank you email.  We will only retain this data long enough to send the thank-you email and then we will clear it from the database."

This very short-term email retention policy is in conflict with current contributions stats functionality, and with the requirements for the stats redesign in bug 540885. Which is more important? What is a good compromise?
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I've updated bug 540885, we should not be retaining email info for longer than we need to in order to send the email.  Thank you notes are never retroactively sent so this should be ok.
Attached patch Remora front-end (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Since the contributor's locale is useful and interesting beyond just thankyou notes, I added it to the stats table as `source_locale`.

The back-end mailer will be written for Zamboni.
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Remora front-end

If thankyou_note is a translated field it should be a FK to the translations table.  But the reason for the r-, if I add a locale to the thank-you note box, the whole box turns red, and "null" shows up in red in the bottom right.
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(In reply to comment #5)
> But the reason for the r-, if I add a locale to the thank-you note box,
> the whole box turns red, and "null" shows up in red in the bottom right.

I don't get this result at all. Do you get any javascript errors? For any locale or just certain ones?
Apparently I'm the only one with problems here, so r+ after the FK fix.  Let's see what it does on preview and with QA's eyes.
Attached patch Front-end v2Splinter Review
Now with foreign-key goodness. (and for the record)
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Front-end v2

r+.  please put the migration in zamboni though. thanks.
r64257 for the front-end

6062b353 for the zamboni migration
accf6994 and 02bf3f3f for the zamboni back-end thankyou mailer
ef3a8b09 for the zamboni PayPal service

For deployment, IPN will need to be reconfigured (or a rewrite put in place):

/services/paypal.php => /z/services/paypal
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Depends on: 552974
This patch tells PayPal IPN to notify /services/paypal soon to be handled by zamboni. This triggers thankyou emails.
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QA Notes:

The PayPal service script has been ported to zamboni in this bug. This could affect contribution stats. We will need to test whether real transactions complete and show up in the stats dashboard.

Also, please wait for bug 552974 to be resolved before testing with real PayPal transactions. The developer front-end can be tested now, however.
r64267 for updated IPN notify URL
Product: → Graveyard
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