Firefox locks, no reaction on clicking links or typing addresses after POST-ing files




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My job involves uploading 80-100 MB files on 10 websites (promotional clips, trailers)
I'm using a Windows 2003 Web edition based dedicated server. I'm connecting to it using Remote Desktop connection.

Every day, 4 times I day, I take one of these clips and post it to the 10 websites. So 40 times I day I load a page, fill up the form with name, description, tags, select the file and click on Upload button. File is uploaded to server, some show progress bar, some use Flash to upload the file. 

If i keep Firefox running, in about 7-10 days of this, Firefox simply locks. I mean I click on the Upload button and nothing happens. I can open new (empty) tabs, and I type the address of a site and when I press Enter, nothing happens. No connection attempt, no DNS requests, no loading, nothing, it just stays there with the loading animation as the tab icon. When clicking on links on some already loaded page, the same, nothing happens.

If I open Internet Explorer at the same time, it works, I can visit websites and everything, so I guess it's not the server or the OS.

Even more, Firefox can only be closed by killing it with Task Manager, if I click on Close button, the interface is gone and it just remains running in memory.

My suspicion is it leaks file handles or some memory pointers somewhere, either way it's very frustrating. I start filling forms on 10 websites, post Upload on two sites and then everything stops, active uploads stop, post buttons no longer work and so on - i have to kill with task manager the browser.

I realize it's extremely hard to test in short time and probably the fact that it runs for 7-10 is part of the issue, leaking something.

If there's some kind of debug version of Firefox, I'm willing to test it and save logs..

I've reported this issue maybe a half of year ago - for some time I didn't see this happening and was able to keep Firefox running even for a month with no issues but now in the past few weeks it started to happen again

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:

Happens every time, after 7-10 days of usage

use post to submit files to several domains or subdomains lots of times, I guess the equivalent of 10-14 days times 4 clips a day, to about 10 websites

Actual Results:  
As explained above, Firefox stops reacting to everything except interface. No network connections, no disk reads, locks when trying to close it so I have to close the process.

Expected Results:  
I expect it not to happen, ever. For me it's loss of information and time.
Also, on some of these websites, if I post the video information and video stops uploading half way when Firefox crashes, video gets corrupted and it's impossible to re-submit it. This can affect my job.

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8 years ago
A side note... as I usually leave the ten tabs open all the time and just click on a link on the tabs that says "upload a new clip" or something like that, maybe it could also be something related to history or something?
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