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There's no need for no_pkg_files when every platform uses a package manifest


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Now that we use a package manifest on all platforms, there's no need for Thunderbird to specify NO_PKG_FILES, to say that files which will never be copied out of dist/bin because they aren't in the manifest should be removed after they were copied except they can't be removed since they aren't there because they weren't copied.
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FYI I plan[ned] to look into the package-compare to enhance the NO_PKG_FILES to not warn about missing files if its listed in that var.  Though me looking into that should not block this, imo; if this in itself is a good idea.
philor, if Mark wants to take this, would you please port this patch for SeaMonkey and I'll review for you. If not we can do it as our own patch though :-)
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I think if package-compare wants to do anything with lists then it should do them in a separate file where we can also add comments as to why certain files are not included in the build (so that we're not forever thinking why....).
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And you'll need it to be something you preprocess, not a makefile var
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> please port this patch for SeaMonkey

I filed bug 545987.
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