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need content to display when activity manager is empty


(Thunderbird :: General, enhancement)

Not set


(Not tracked)


(Reporter: dmosedale, Unassigned)


(Blocks 1 open bug)


(Keywords: uiwanted, ux-userfeedback, Whiteboard: [UXprio])

We need some explanatory XHTML(?) content to display when activity manager is empty.
As per discussion yesterday, we'd like "Activity Manager" to be one of our areas of focus for beta1, so marking as blocking that.
blocking-thunderbird3.1: --- → beta1+
Whiteboard: [UXprio]
My guess is that one of either this or bug 535437 (both of which are waiting on input from clarkbw) would be Good Enough (TM) for beta1.  Since bug 535437 is almost done, leaving that blocking beta1, moving this to beta2.  clarkbw, feel free to swap those around if appropriate.
blocking-thunderbird3.1: beta1+ → beta2+
Whiteboard: [UXprio] → [UXprio][needs proposed UI clarkbw, patch, checkin]
We're resetting the blocking flag for 3.1 on this bug and instead setting the wanted-thunderbird+ flag. We have too many blocking-3.1 bugs, to the point where it doesn't mean much, and managing the list is making it hard to actually work on closing bugs, which helps no one.

Thunderbird 3.1's primary purpose is to allow us to offer a prompted major update to Thunderbird 2 users, to ensure their continued ability to safely use Thunderbird.  Thunderbird 2 is built on an outdated version of Gecko, and our long-term ability to maintain the users' safety for Thunderbird 2 users is limited.

If you think this bug meets the requirements below, please renominate with a detailed explanation of how it meets the following two criteria, and we will reconsider.  To qualify, this bug must either:

a) make the upgrade experience from TB2 very painful for a large number of users


b) be a new, reproducible, severe quality issue (eg dataloss, frequent crashes)

Just because this bug doesn't block TB3.1 doesn't mean it can't or won't make the release.  Once they're done with their blockers (if any), we encourage developers to keep working on non-blocking bugs, and to try to land them as early in the cycle as possible, as non-blocking bugs will become increasingly difficult to land in the later stages of the cycle.
blocking-thunderbird3.1: beta2+ → ---
Flags: wanted-thunderbird+
I shouldn't be the assignee for these bugs.  Filter against clarkbfilter to delete all these from your emails.
Assignee: clarkbw → nobody
[UXprio] flag should be removed from this bug, because this "problem" is completely irrelevant. Average user will never see activity manager, much less empty activity manager which I believe is impossible when you are ever downloading messages, which is presumably the most frequent activity.

If I don't hear any objections within a few days, I'll remove [UXprio] flag myself.
However, I'd prefer somebody else to do that.
Keywords: uiwanted
Whiteboard: [UXprio][needs proposed UI clarkbw, patch, checkin] → [UXprio]
Severity: normal → enhancement
OS: Mac OS X → All
Hardware: x86 → All
Blocks: activitymgr
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