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Adapt gloda to use new storage createAsyncStatement API


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(blocking-thunderbird3.1 beta2+, thunderbird3.1 beta2-fixed)

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blocking-thunderbird3.1 --- beta2+
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Our stop-gap solution for bug 519543 was to have Thunderbird-specific release branches of mozilla-1.9.1 and mozilla-1.9.2 where I hacked up storage to allow gloda to use it in a purely asynchronous fashion where the sqlite3 mutex would not be taken on the main thread.

The long-term solution is bug 507414 which introduces an explicit API that accomplishes this same goal without changing semantics out from under existing consumers.  (It is also much more comprehensive about the fix).  We need to change gloda to use this.
Depends on: 545625
Andrew, how much work remains here?  What do the chances look like that this will be able to land by tomorrow night's code freeze?
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blocking-thunderbird3.1: beta1+ → beta2+
To test that the async part works, one needs to have applied the patches on bug 545625.  However, this patch should still work without those patches applied, you just end up testing the other side of the conditional.
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Attachment #431514 - Attachment description: v1 make gloda use createAsyncStatement if we have async statements available → v1 make gloda use createAsyncStatement if we have async statements available
Pushed to comm-central along with its friends on bug 545625.  Even if those patches get backed out, this patch is going to stick around since it works with or without them.
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