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8 years ago
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8 years ago
We should probably use an animated image format rather than JS for rotating between the three main images on the home page, for two reasons:

1. Some folks have JS turned off.
2. JS doesn't play nicely with Camino's "Play animated images only once" setting
What I think we should do here is this (and I thought we already had a bug on part of it, but I guess not):

1) With JS enabled, auto-rotate through a couple of times, but not continuously
2) Make the little bullet-like things 
   a) animate in sync with the image change; currently they aren't
   b) clickable, such that clicking on one makes the related image show

This should solve the problem of the annoyance of continual animation as well as the JS-off issue, and let people go see any image they'd like to see, on demand.

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8 years ago
(In reply to comment #0)
> 1. Some folks have JS turned off.

I don't care about those people, really.

> 2. JS doesn't play nicely with Camino's "Play animated images only once"
> setting

Is this really a problem? I mean, people can't possibly spend much time on the home page. There's not much to read and nothing really interactive to do.

That said, I mostly agree with what Smokey wrote, except I'm not really inclined to do #1 if it's hard. Note that people with JS-disabled (again, people I don't care about) won't be able to see #2 anyway, because we'll use JS to change the image/text.
The "Featured Posts" widget in Sam's new blog theme does comment 1's 2b, which is nice ;)

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5 years ago
Given the current state of the Camino project, we won't be fixing these website bugs. Mass changing our Product Site bugs (search on "camino-website-bugs").

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