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Initial focus handling is broken with Qt


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  Start Firefox
  Click into URL Bar
  -> the bar does not get the focus, it is not possible to type anything

  Click into webpage area
  Click into URL bar
  -> now the bar has the focus and it is possible to enter a URL
This seems to be related to the fact that every MozQWidget is deemed focusable in its constructor.

The attached patch removes the flags from MozQWidgets constructor and instead sets them after nsWindow's creation of the MozQWidget object, but only for child windows/paintareas.

Also removed is the whole sceneEvent() method which had some code in it that was modelled after the fix for a similar problem with pure QWidgets.
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steffen, what about other window types:

for example, the window caused by the javascript window.prompt() will bring up a window with an edit box.  Will that be focusable.  (I don't recall if the edit box is the child which will get focus here, if if you need to focus the dialog itself).
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Interestingly, the JS popup case did not work with or without the patch. But the investigation revealed a few problems, so here is the updated patch that should do everything.

In addition to making only child (and plugin) windows focusable, the activation handling is also moved to the hopefully right place by grabbing the events on the MozQGraphicsView and triggering Mozilla's Dispatch(De)ActiveEvent on nsWindow via MozQWidget so that Mozilla's internal focus is also set correctly.

This works for me in Qt Fennec and Firefox builds. I'm not 100% sure about all corner cases but from what I can see it's definitely an improvement.
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steffen, please make sure that your review request assigned to some persone, not just "review?"
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Updated patch to fix the focus handling

Strange, I was quite sure I put Doug as the reviewer?!
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Added a small fix to SetFocus() when a raise is needed.
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Update patch to fix focus handling
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Thanks Steffen.
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