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"svg-integration" reftests subdir prevents tab-completion of "svg" reftests subdir


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Whenever I try to run / edit / CD to a subdirectory off of /layout/reftests/svg/, my tab-completion always gets tripped up by the "svg-integration" sibling directory.

 cd mo[TAB] --> mozilla/
    la[TAB] --> mozilla/layout/
    re[TAB] --> mozilla/layout/reftests/
    sv[TAB] --> mozilla/layout/reftests/svg[Terminal Bell]
        --> bash offers me both: svg/ & svg-integration/
        --> I have to manually type the "/" before going back into rapid-fire type+tab-complete mode.

It's a trivial issue, but it's a minor trip-up every time I try to e.g. run reftests in layout/reftests/svg/smil (or a subdirectory therein).

Would it be reasonable to move svg-integration to be a subdirectory off of /svg/?
 e.g.    layout/reftests/svg-integration
 becomes layout/reftests/svg/svg-integration

It looks like technically "svg-integration" is about applying SVG effects to non-SVG content -- but it is "svg-ish" in nature, and IMHO it'd still make some amount of sense to group it with the other svg reftests.
Summary: "svg-integration" reftests directory prevents tab-completion of svg directory → "svg-integration" reftests subdir prevents tab-completion of "svg" reftests subdir
Attached file patch: "hg mv svg-integration svg" (obsolete) —
Trivial patch -- just generated from running:
> cd layout/reftests
> hg mv svg-integration/ svg/

Patch contains no actual code changes, just a bunch of git-style "rename from... rename to..." commands.
Attachment #427857 - Flags: review?(roc)
same patch, but now with updates to reftest.list files to reflect the move.
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Attachment #427857 - Flags: review?(roc)
Attachment #427859 - Attachment description: patch: "hg mv svg-integration svg" & update reftest.list → patch: "hg mv svg-integration/ svg/" & update reftest.list
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