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New "feedback" flag for attachments in all products and components


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In, Marco Bonardo said:

I'm suggesting to add a new "feedback?" targeted flag to attachments in bugzilla, working like the "review?" flag.

This would serve mostly these purposes:

1. Asking preventive review on approach of a patch, without requiring a code-review. Often i find myself having a half done patch, but before going on, i want to get some feedback either from module owner or my future reviewer (especially on larger changes/projects). Since everybody's is pretty busy, asking on IRC or by mail does not allow the reviewer to easily organize and search these requests. Also asking review when it is not a review has some downside: the reviewer has to find by himself if this is a real review request or not, people reading the bug have to distinguish by themselves again, overall progress of the bug is less clear.

2. Asking first-pass review to someone that won't be the final reviewer (especially useful for new contributors with less experience on our codebase)

3. Asking feedback on a visual change to UX team, without it being an official ui-review (for the same reasoning as the not-official review requests in point 1). Mockups or wireframes

4. Allowing overloaded reviewers to pass some work to other less busy reviewers, that are fine doing code reviews but have less experience with overall vision of the change. We have reviewers with 30 or 50 reviews in queue, they could forward a feedback request to less over-busy reviewers, and when the first-pass reviewer is satisfied the official reviewer can do the final pass. This would reduce work load on some over-busy person and allow to track all the requests. 

Then, mconnor said:

I *strongly* support this idea.  Having a way to explicitly get early feedback that fits in our workflow is a gap we definitely have.  More interesting to me, being able to bring up new reviewers by having them do non-final reviews of patches is something we've done informally in the past, but is hard to do at scale and pace without some explicit way to track things.

As a note, since it's an attachment flag, it wouldn't clutter our primary UI, so I think the marginal cost is really low here, and the potential benefit is huge (growing new reviewers faster, better visibility into bug status, and ability to get quicker/earlier feedback to community patch authors).


Name: feedback
Description: A particular person's input is requested for a patch, but that input does not amount to an official review.
Products/Components: All/All
Bugs/Attachments: Attachments
Requestable: Yes
Specific Person: Yes
Multiplicable: Yes
Request Group: none (everybody)
Grant Group: none (everybody)
CC List: none

I think we should just do this. Any objections?

Flag created.

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