Messages marked as Junk not moved to Junk folder

RESOLVED FIXED in Thunderbird 5.0b1


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Thunderbird 5.0b1
Windows 7
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When installing TB 3.0.1 on a new machine, I've easily setup 2 gmail and 1 gmx account, all of which were automatically configured as imap accounts.
My problem now is, that marking messages as junk does not move them to the junk folder. Also manually executing the junk controls does not perform the action.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. goto inbox
2. mark "junk" column
Actual Results:  
Junk column shows the junk sign, but message remains in inbox instead of moving to junk folder.

Expected Results:  
Message should move to junk folder for the respective account.

 Same behaviour with upgraded 3.0.2 version. No problem on separate machine (WinXP) where accounts are setup as normal pop accounts.
Check Tools -> Account Settings -> {account-name} -> Junk Settings -- check the box labeled Move new junk messages to:, and set a junk folder there, if you haven't already.

Hope this helps!
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Sorry for not mentioning this. Setting is enabled (checked) for all accounts. I've also verified that "junk on local folders" vs "junk on individual account" as destination does not make a difference.
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WFM here. 

Does it work in -safe-mode ?

Anything in the error console when you are marking an email as spam ?
First, read next MozillaZine Knowledge Base documents which can easily be reached by search for "Junk Filter" at, please. 
And check your Junk filter related settings again.

Andreas Goetz(bug opener):
Did you set correctly? Did you setup appropriately to work around known issues?

Do you use other than "Display Language:English(US)" at Gmail's setting?
Do you use non en-US version of Tb?
Do you use Gmail IMAP?
If all are yes, please be careful for real folder name/displayed folder name.
  (Trash example)
   Real folder name              Displayed folder name
   Trash(in English-US)          Trash by en-US Tb
   Trash(in English-US)          (a) Localized Trash by localized Tb
   (b) Localized Trash by Gmail  (c) Localized Trash by Gmail == (b)
If (a) == (b), user(you), and Tb also, easily confuse.
I'm pretty sure that the spamActionTargetAccount, which is needed for the manual junk move to work, is only being set when the automatic move is setup, as mentioned in comment 1. That is a bug itself which could be easily fixed.

I am assigning this to myself as a reminder, the fix is to set that to the server URI when calling GetSpamSettings if it is null. (Note to self: apply the same fix as ExQuilla bug 788).
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Sorry for the bugspam. Serge is suffering from brain fade again.
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Which test release would I need to download to get the fix? I've just migrated to a new PC and the problem is back :(
3.3 when it comes out ( or the beat in a week or two)
I would like to add- as I've recently seen this problem on a friend's TB v17 install, that in additional to the account's junk settings, the general Tools->Options->Security->Junk->"When I mark messages as junk" box needs to be checked as well.
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