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8 years ago
Currently the various Mozilla policies can be hard to find.  This bug is tracking ways to make them more easily discoverable.  Ideas so far include:

* Making sure the Policies page is linking to all relevant policies wherever they are hosted (file a bug if there's a link missing).

* Aggregate policies into the directory when possible -- see Mike Connor's suggestions about this in the thread at

* Add keywords to page (Done)

* Remove and redirect any duplicate policy pages (I believe dmose mentioned somewhere recently about duplicate module ownership information on and MDC)

* Anything else?
I would strongly prefer /policy as a toplevel.  /about should be informational, but policy seems like a separate beast.  I also want "policy", not "policies", since I think the key search failure is that most people will search for singular policies (this, I suspect, is how Mitchell failed to find the right stuff.)
I think this is a great thing to do, but I don't have time to help :-|


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8 years ago
I would like to see policy docs integrated with developer docs in general.  It could be pointers to the canonical home of the policy on  But I find the current separation to be impractical.

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5 years ago
Closing old website bugs due to them not being relevant to the new Python-based Bedrock system. Re-open if this is a critical bug and should be resolved on the new system too.
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5 years ago
This was FIXED with the creation of as far as I can tell.
Resolution: WONTFIX → FIXED


5 years ago
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