Tools menu on Mac only has Account Settings if Write window open



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All drop-down Tools menu items, except Account Settings, are missing if a Write (compose) window is open. Other windows appear not to be affected by this quirk.

Reproducible: Always
I believe what you mean is that the Tools menu in the Compose window has only four items in it: Mail & Newsgroups, Address Book, Account Settings (after a separator), and Options. Is this correct?
If so, I think this is by design, although I don't know the exact reasoning behind it. Do you have any specific recommendations for what should still be in the Tools menu?

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9 years ago
Created attachment 430163 [details]
Truncated tools menu

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9 years ago
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Normal tools menu

No - attached you will see my truncated and normal tools menus.

I can see no reason to remove items from the menu although some may be greyed out.

Unless there is likely to be a malfunction I would prefer to keep most items active most of the time.
Hmm, the four items I mentioned should never need to be disabled, even, much less removed -- at least not on Windows.

Can you reproduce in Thunderbird Safe Mode (

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9 years ago
Identical behaviour in safe mode.

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9 years ago
Can anybody confirm this on another Mac?
(In reply to comment #6)
> Can anybody confirm this on another Mac?

I'm seeing the same behavior. Easy workaround is to switch the front window to the three pane one. This might be by design. Philor do you know why it's in that state ?

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9 years ago
Is this going to be fixed?


9 years ago
Component: General → Mail Window Front End
QA Contact: general → front-end

do you still see this problem when using a current version of thunderbird? 

And if you do not, please close bug report by changing resolution to worksforme
Whiteboard: [closeme 2012-03-01]

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7 years ago
Bug still exists on TB 3.1.17.

I have not yet upgraded to TB 3.1.18 but I can do so if you think it will be different.
3.1 is EOL in a couple months (and nothing more is being fixed there), so we are interested in whether this occurs in a current version, eg 9 or 10.

bug is Mac-only?
Component: Mail Window Front End → Message Compose Window
QA Contact: front-end → message-compose

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7 years ago
There is a considerable rump of Mac users who, for various reasons, are unlikely to upgrade beyond their very serviceable Power PCs. I have several of these very flexible Macs which cannot use the latest versions of TB. I will probably keep them going until about 2020 by which time I hope I will have completed my transition to Ubuntu.

I do not have any Intel Macs.

I do not know if this is a Mac only bug.

I would prefer this bug report to remain open unless/until it is fixed.

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7 years ago
Confirmed in 3.1.18.

Cannot confirm in later versions, being part of the afore-mentioned "rump" that is increasingly considered ''mox nix''.

Removing cc.
Whether it's by design would require that there be an actual design. There are things in the tools menu for the 3pane that do not apply to the compose window, and things that don't care what window is up, and things which belong in the Window menu on Mac.

Step one, not platform-specific, would be to look at everything in the 3pane tools menu, and determine which things are not 3pane-specific and should appear in every window.

Step two would be to determine which of those belong in the Window menu on Mac.

Step three is where it gets hard, because the step two answer will probably be "all of them" but extensions hook the tools menu, and a completely empty tools menu on Mac just waiting for an extension to stick something in there is even more likely to result in people thinking something's wrong.
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5 years ago
Summary: Tools menu only has Account Settings if Write window open → Tools menu on Mac only has Account Settings if Write window open
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