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Whei Zou was a summer intern at Labs two years ago - can we remove her feed from Planet:

Thank you!
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This is a moz interns blog.
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Want to discuss this one with the planet team... For one thing, at least gerv is still getting useful information from her blog ( ;)
OS: Mac OS X → All
Hardware: x86 → All
Summary: Remove feed from Whei Zou → Remove feed from Wei Zhou
Summary: Remove feed from Wei Zhou → Remove Wei Zhou from Planet Mozilla Interns
How about we ask Whei Zou what she wants?  I know Planet Interns is its own thing and all, but I'd hate to drop her entirely without at least the option of moving her feed to Planet Mozilla.  If she just wants to get dropped, that's totally OK, I just would like her to be involved with the decision.
Is it an interns planet or an interns plus emeritae/i planet?  A certain inattentiveness seems (from my view) to have defaulted it into the latter, without prior deliberate consideration of that approach, which (to me) makes status quo less presumptively deserving of preservation.

One sensible default policy (one could of course opt out earlier) I propose: interns plus those out of their internships but not yet the remainder of the yearly cycle away from possibly returning.  (Thus, if you do the traditional time, that's June to end of next May; for something different like a six-month stint, it'd be that time plus another six months.  I'd punt on how to handle nearly-year-long internships, where time-after is unusually short, until I know they actually happen.)

The idea of not dropping without unconditionally (I'm unaware of subsequent Mozilla community involvement in this instance) offering a level-up to p.m.o seems a little weird, since -- I thought -- the idea was that interns wouldn't be on p.m.o except indirectly, since they were seen as a bit more transient than ostensibly-more-firm community members who would be hosted on p.m.o.

All that said, while it seems maybe polite to ask, I'm not entirely sure how polite it would be on second pale if I had my druthers (whatever they definitively might be, above is semi-strawmanish), because given how long it's been I think I would comfortably remove regardless.
Intern planet is in svn now, so I don't have to be the one to do this if we decide to do it.
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