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mozilla/ option 'with-qtdir' is very wrong


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The current tests do not reset MOZ_QT_CFLAGS or MOZ_QT_LIBS when with-qtdir is passed.  The result is that the result of PKG_CHECK_MODULES is always used.  What we want is for with-qtdir to override any default installation of Qt.
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The message should read:

No acceptable moc preprocessor found. Qt SDK is not installed or --with-qt is incorrect
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patch v.1

It would probably be nice to at least test that $QTDIR exists if provided.
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I was thinking that the test for HOST_MOC, which depends on having a valid $QTDIR, would fail and we would rely on that error message to point developers at what was wrong.  Let me know if you disagree.
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As long as the error message clearly states what's wrong and how to fix it, that's fine.
cool.  configure will bitch with

No acceptable moc preprocessor found. Qt SDK is not installed or --with-qt is incorrect.
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Depends on: 552446
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(Bv1-CC) Restore QTDIR support, copy (the useful part of) this bug and bug 552446 follow-up.

#1: Please spinoff to new bug.
#2: If we are restoring this arg, lets restore it right and copy the full (current) 1.9.2 syntax and the current trunk syntax (include GARBAGE).

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