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TB 3.0.3 does not display users in the CC list .. sometimes.



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8 years ago
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(Reporter: Pat Cashman, Unassigned)


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TB 3.0.3 is not displaying all users on CC list in UI. The last CC'd user is missing. I've found some cases where there are several users missing off the CC list. I've also found that some users are missing from the "To" field.
When I look at the "Full Mail headers" the complete list of To / CC users are there, however they are not visible in the UI (message screen)
Attached, please find a snapshot of my mail message window. Note that on the CC line, here is an "," as the last character. Actually there is a user hidden from view... thats not getting dislayed.

Here's the full mail headers for the mail that you're looking at in the screen shot. Note: I've blanked out the e-mail addresses.. apologies, thats out policy.

Date: 	Mon, 08 Mar 2010 22:33:08 +0000
From: 	Pxx xxxxan <Pxx.xxxxxxn@xxx.COM>
Subject: 	Re: ACTION: Status of Sustaining, Mass Stocking fix, CDS Patch testing
In-reply-to: 	<4B93DC19.4040201@xxx.com>
Sender: 	Pat.Cashman@xxx.COM
To: 	Lxxxxx bxxxx <Laxxxxer@Sun.COM>
Cc: 	VCxxxxxxxnt@xxx.com <VCxxxxxxxnt@xxx.com>, vxxxxxxxxxxxxxxt@xxx.com < vxxxxxxxxxxxxxxt@xxx.comm>, Todxx xxxx <Toxx.xxxxx@Sun.COM>, Dexxx.xxxxxxxn@xxx.COM, Mxxx.xxxxnn@xxx.COM, Exxx.xxxxt@xxx.COM, Mxxxxxxx Hxxxxx Gxxxxxxu <Mxxxxx.xxxxu@Sun.COM>, xxx Tech Support <Cxxxx-xxxxx=xxxxxt@xxx.com>, vxxxx.xxxxt@xxx.com <vxxxx-xxx-xxxt@xxx.com>, Vxxxx.xxxxx-xxt@xxx.com <Vxxxx-xxx.xxxxt@xxx.com>, Mxxx.xxxxxa@xxx.COM, Lxx xxxxxxn <lxx.xxxxn@xxx.com>
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Hi Laura,
    unless the sustaining lab is a mirror copy of the production environment, then its not suitable for testing patches.

The sustaining team are mostly staying off those machines as they've been assigned to PS for the next 4 weeks to get the additional performance numbers. From the influx of e-mails this morning, I'm having difficulty believing that there is any single person who knows the configuration of those machines; I certainly don't.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1.View the mail included in the Details in TB 3.0.3, note that the user last in the CC list does nt appear.
Actual Results:  
Last user is not displayed in the CC list, even though the user is listed in the CC headers in that mail.

how do I upload a screenshot of the problem?

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8 years ago
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here's a JPG to show the problem. Look at the CC list.

 Note the trailing comma at the end of the CC list. There is an additional address not shown. In fact I've seen this bug on both the "To" and "CC" list and sometimes there are more than one address hidden.
So no scrollbar is showing allowing you to scroll down the list.

Does this happens if you start TB in safe-mode ?
Component: Mail Window Front End → Message Reader UI
QA Contact: front-end → message-reader
can you reproduce this using a current version of thunderbird?

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