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abstract out scanning and error reporting in parser

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JavaScript Engine
8 years ago
8 years ago


(Reporter: dherman, Assigned: dherman)


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8 years ago
A number of common patterns in the parser could be abstracted out at probably zero performance cost with a few inline function definitions:

- js_MatchToken, js_PeekToken, js_GetToken, js_UngetToken
- js_ReportCompilerErrorNumber, js_ReportErrorNumber

This should improve readability and maintainability.

Is this a duplicate of bug 549658?

We might be able to clean up error reporting more, but I think it's a method of the token stream after that patch, which isn't too bad.

Comment 2

8 years ago
Intended to add a few additional abstractions, e.g. replacing patterns like:

    tokenStream.flags |= TCF_OPERAND;
    tt = js_PeekToken(&tokenStream);
    tokenStream.flags &= ~TCF_OPERAND;

with e.g.:


But some of these (such as the above) belong in jsscan so I'll wait on this till you and I have a chance to sync up and merge our work.

Feel free to strip TCF_ and similar prefixes by moving enums into classes or structs, as we do elsewhere now that C++ is here to stay.

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