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Search doesn't return many appropriate results


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(Keywords: regression)

We changed a lot in search, in bug 544528; it's not really working well.


1. Load and search for "install"
2. The results page,, has only a single link to an article.

Expected Results:

Should be pretty close to
Depends on: 551275
Assignee: nobody → james
Target Milestone: 1.5.2 → 1.5.3
Target Milestone: 1.5.3 → 1.5.2
Paul, got a little time to look at this? I keep running into weird filtering problems: only finding wiki pages when I should be finding both; only finding wiki pages at all through basic searches, or by turning off all categories in advanced searches. Advanced forum search seems to work.

I'll take a look at the indexes through the SQL interface once that's up, but maybe you can see something in here that I'm missing.
Assignee: james → paulc
Also, I think webroot/search.php +179 may have a typo. The attribute is 'category', singular. The weird thing is there's no difference between the mobile and desktop search.phps here, and yet something weird is going on with one of them.
Now I'm thinking there may be something up with the indexer/searchd configuration on the sphinx boxes. It's returning some very bizarre things, similar to what we saw back in the days when we first moved to the new search cluster on desktop stage.
After Trevor opened up the SphinxQL port to khan (bug 552749) I checked the indexes and everything looked right. When I went back to mobile-support-stage, the results were looking much more correct. I think there was a problem with the indexes being out of sync that was fixed when Trevor changed the configs.

However, the problem in comment 2 is real. Spun off bug 553065, which will land in 1.5.2 on mobile and 1.5.3 on desktop.
Assignee: paulc → james
Closed: 13 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Verified FIXED for the original problem, as stated in comment 0.
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