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Security slider -- combine max security with max accessibility


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A little slider tool that can be embedded in the toolbar. Goes from low to high, changing security settings. Modifying the slider causes the current page to be refreshed.

Each time a link is clicked the security settings will reset to the default. 

This allows users to surf under the highest possible security settings, but still quickly change settings to view specific sites.

As a harder to do alternative, detect when a web page may not be displaying properly due to security settings, and then automatically present a slider to change security settings or cancel.

Reproducible: Always

I think this would be useful for novice internet users (who don't want to muck about in preference pages).

May also be popular among internet users who've heard of 'that security thing' and are concerned, but don't know/want to know how to actually deal with it. It could also be useful in Mozilla's advertising to those demographics.
What security settings are you talking about ?
<preface: I am not well versed in this :)>

Enable/disable cookies comes to mind, enabling/disabling Java/JavaScript and whatever other settings may interfere with the display/functioning of a website. Just implemented as a slider (move slider -- does this site look okay? Move slider some more -- does this site look okay?) I suppose it would apply to other settings which, while not 'security' based, a user may want turned off by default and only enabled when absolutely necessary.

Sorry if it isn't terribly articulated.
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