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Need a way to remote-kill studies


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Right now, we can take a study out of index.json, and that will stop giving it to new users, but users who already started that study will keep running it until it is finished.

If an emergency ever arises where we discover a security or privacy hole in a study and need to stop it immediately, we'll need a remote-kill switch: something we can put on the server which will tell all the copies of the extension to stop running study id X.

So, index.json can basically be in one of three states vis-a-vis a particular study:
1. Give this study to new users
2. Don't give it to new users, but it can still run for people who have it
3. Terminate this study for all users.
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Done in

New behavior is:

- If study is removed from index, it will be killed for all users as soon as they update.
- To maintain a study for people who already have it, without distributing it to new users, add the js file name to the "maintain_experiments" section of the index file.
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Oops, I had a 'this' where I meant 'self'.  Redid the patch to fix that.
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