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1-3% Ts regression after switching to Places


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As noted in bug 351351 comment 29, we had a ~1-3% Ts regression from switching to Places:

(In reply to bug 351351 comment 29)
> Ts on cb-minibinus01 + ~40ms, + 2.6%
> Ts on cb-xserve01    +  ~5ms, + 0.8%
> Ts on cb-xserve04    + ~20ms, + 3.1%

I didn't record the actual numbers (in part because the Sunday night reboots on minus and x4 reset things somewhat, but they reset to a "base" level higher than the previous week's level), but cb-x1 is far more consistent and not showing any signs of shaking off its jump.

[4:16pm] ardissone: hendy, smorgan: is the consensus on the Ts that there's nothing we can do to control the startup hit?
[4:16pm] pinkerton: :(
[4:16pm] smorgan: I don't know, I haven't profiled
[4:16pm] smorgan: If hendy's core->objc loading code is currently run at startup, then there is something we can do
[4:17pm] smorgan: (assuming that takes significant time, which I assume it does)
[4:17pm] hendy: it's not run at startup, afaict
[4:17pm] smorgan: Ah, bummer :(
[4:18pm] ardissone: should we open a placeholder bug for having some profile that, or no?
[4:19pm] smorgan: May as well I guess
[4:19pm] ardissone: ok
[4:19pm] smorgan: Worst case we'll profile startup and find nothing we can do differently
[4:20pm] smorgan: Getting a current breakdown for how much time we spend on what during startup would be nice regardless of history changes :)
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