Mozilla-Build/RF room dynamic IP range out of IPs



9 years ago
4 years ago


(Reporter: aki, Assigned: dmoore)





9 years ago
Not sure what the cause is here -- maybe because Bob's group is using them, maybe the ramp up of new devices, maybe TTLs or something else?  I suppose it could be all of the above.

We're out of IPs again; it would be nice to extend this so we can grow.

(The fix for the new n900s is static IPs, and should probably be prioritized above this bug if needed.)
Could we have the Mozilla-Build network be for production and staging devices and another WPA-PSK network available for development that is not in the build address space?
Over to dmoore
Assignee: server-ops → dmoore
If you're simply out of IP addresses in the pool, anyone can adjust (not just dmoore).
we have 30 new devices that we need to get networked.  this bug would fix our short term need as well as making it easier to deal with similar situations in the future.  The more pressing issue, and long term fix, is getting the 30 new devices static ips and hostnames (bug 553706) as they are currently sitting idle until those devices have hostnames

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9 years ago
I've added another 50 addresses to the dynamic pool, for a total of 150. Anything more than this and we need to revisit how DHCP is being used on the build network.
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