Lorentz opt builds fail, profileserver.py times out




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8 years ago

make[1]: Leaving directory `/e/builds/moz2_slave/firefox-lorentz-win32/build'
OBJDIR=obj-firefox python obj-firefox/_profile/pgo/profileserver.py
INFO | automation.py | Application pid: 3704

command timed out: 5400 seconds without output
program finished with exit code 1

Ted, does this look familiar at all? profileserver.py matches the rest of the automation. Is there a makefile target I can use to test this script without doing a full double-pass profile build?
I know jmaher hit some problems with this while working on some of his patches, so it's possible that you missed backporting something somewhere. You can just run the script directly from your objdir, it doesn't require a PGO build (it just launches the browser and cycles through some pages).
yeah, 'python $(objdir)/_profileserver/_profile/pgo/profileserver.py'.

The problem I hit was related to setting the user.js preferences correctly.  These are setup in automation.py:initializeProfile().  My specific problem was it was not allowing xpconnect privileges for the given web server (in this case http://localhost:8888.)

My fix was to use the profile code in automation.py and adjust it to allow for localhost vs by adding a 'useServerLocations' variable to the function, and adding this special case: http://mxr.mozilla.org/mozilla-central/source/build/automation.py.in#331.

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8 years ago
I imported from revision 2796b616db94, which was before all of the mochi.test changes. Running profileserver.py locally on a Lorentz debug build it appears to work correctly.
Hm. Maybe you can have someone from RelEng grab a build slave while it's hung and see what's happening, then.

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8 years ago
I just tried to run the profileserver on mw32-ix-slave19 (the same slave it failed on previously). I get the following runtime error:

Runtime Error!

Program: e:\builds\moz2_slave\f...

An application has made an attempt to load the C runtime library incorrectly.
Please contact the application's support team for more information.
any chance we could see what Program it is referencing?  Could it be that we are launching a webserver from python (not xpcshell) and there are permission problems?

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8 years ago
I've run 'make package' and also tar-ed up the contents of dist/bin manually and put them here:


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8 years ago
Ted identified this as a missing backport of bug 508861, which I've pushed. fingers crossed!


8 years ago
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