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stop setting MOZ_PKG_VERSION when unnecessary


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We set MOZ_PKG_VERSION in the ReleaseBuild and ReleaseRepack factories in order to get the right filenames for RC releases, when the in-repo version isn't set to what we need. Eg, for 3.6rc1 the in-repo version was '3.6', but the packages needed to be '3.6rc1'.

For all releases other than RCs, this only does harm. The packaging code would work perfectly fine without it set, and in fact, it masks problems such as the one we hit in 3.6.2build2 (when the in-repo version is wrong, forcing the packages to have the right version makes that issue less visible).

We should definitely stop setting this variable when appVersion == version.
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It's worth noting that we don't do RCs like we did when this bug was filed (we use version=5.0, appVersion=5.0), but *now* we do version=5.0b1, appVersion=5.0 for Betas, so the override is still necessary for them.
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Too much in my plate.
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cc-ing Callek in case he'll need to change the CC factories.
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I've opted to still set MOZ_PKG_VERSION when appVersion isn't provided because that preserves the existing behavior. I could be easily convinced otherwise.

Corresponding l10n script patch coming right up.
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Oops, posted an earlier version of the patch by mistake.
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Only set MOZ_PKG_VERSION when appVersion != version (buildbotcustom)
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Only set MOZ_PKG_VERSION in when appVersion != version
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This is live now as of 1300 PST.
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