Set up thunderbirdDetails.class.php for generating the build arrays via a script


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WIP Patch

As part of improving our efficiency of releases and just making life easier for ourselves, we'd like to be able to generate the build version/file size arrays that are contained in thunderbirdDetails.class.php via a script.

The basic idea is that the script goes and finds the appropriate shipped-locales, then it looks on ftp and gets the appropriate file sizes. It also does that for the previous stable release branch. Once it has all the data, it merges and formats the output to that required for the array for thunderbirdDetails.class.php.

Rather than use a template file and have to keep the template up to date, we've gone for generating an additional class "thunderbirdBuildDetails" in its own file; this class fits in-between thunderbirdDetails and productDetails.

We're still working on the script, but I'd like to get some feedback on the changed product-details files before we go all the way.

For reference, the current version of the script can be found here:

(of course, once we get it working, I'm open to modifications for other products/websites ;-) )

Attaching the current patch to product-details that we have. Requesting feedback instead of review, as like I said above, we still need some tweaks to the script before we'll be ready with the patch.
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WIP Patch

I think it'll be fine.  

In a perfect world, you'd just consume JSON that was built server side (the json we build here was a first step).  That project needs an owner though and hasn't had one for years, so if this is better than what you have, it wfm.
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The fix

Here's the completed patch now I've finished the first version of the script that generates these. The thunderbirdBuildDetails.php file was generated from the script.

There's no json differences as 3.0.4 updated all the file sizes, and so this generation is effectively copy and paste this time round.
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Committed r65367.
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