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remove xpctools as no maintainer in 3 years


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Simple remove the xpctools support, it is broken in latest trunk again and no maintainer. This completely removes the xpctools code from all parts of the tree.
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reed if you could please assign for proper review would be appreciated, I would like to see this landed soon as I I just reviewed the 1.9.2 branch and it is still busted as well refer to bug #517784
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> dnl   Seth Spitzer <>
>-dnl   xpctools support

This removal is wrong.

Trying shaver/timeless for review...
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FWIW, the configure+Makefile changes look fine. I think you missed a spot though:

And presumably then you should remove these bits:
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darn, i used to use xpctools while i was at cenzic iirc. sadly i've been at nokia for 4 years.

i think i'd kinda prefer to have it working. i half expect people to actively break jsd (which also has a profiler), they've been doing that periodically, whereas xpctools is relatively smaller and thus should be harder for them to break.

i'm currently traveling during a period of holy days, and thus am not really in a position to do much. I will note that I generally respond to requests and have addressed your other bug.
timeless I am willing to work on fixing this, I am sure I will have questions along the way, but willing to work on the code as time permits. If you would rather keep it let me know and I will see what I can do to provide a fix for current trunk.
yes, let's do that, i'm generally available to help, although this week is full of holy days....
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Sure, let's clean it up.
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Shaver I have updated with teds comments, I also removed the bits of xpctools dnl not sure how to properly handle that part of both files. If you need me for anything else with this let me know and I will work out some time to finish up.
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Looks good.  Rebuilding this functionality from scratch atop JSDv2 will be easier than rebuilding the ship at sea.
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On 12/05/2010 12:42 AM, Jory A. Pratt wrote:
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> Sorry to bother you Shaver, should I reopen and schedule for checkin?
> Please advise on how you would prefer to handle this.

Yeah, that's probably the best plan.

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