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Port Bug 553073 (and bug 554997) CFBundleIdentifier in is hardcoded as "org.mozilla.thunderbird"


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Thunderbird 3.3a1


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+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug #553073 +++

The CFBundleIdentifier in /mail/app/macbuild/Contents/ is hardcoded as "org.mozilla.thunderbird", which causes default mail issues when running shredder and thunderbird on the same machine.

See bug 553073 for the rest of the info. I'd also like a solution to bug 554997 before porting this, hence the dependencies.
Note to self: do after 3.1b2, then if bug 554997 hasn't been fixed, we're not affecting users who are upgrading from 3.1b1 (Lanikai branding) to 3.1b2 (Thunderbird branding), we just need to make sure that bug is fixed by the next time we do such a switch.
Whiteboard: [do after 3.1beta2]
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I have a patch for this (simple copy&paste from bug 553073). I've tested this with official and unofficial branding. With official branding CFBundleIdentifier is set to org.mozilla.thunderbird and with unofficial branding it is org.mozilla.shredder (only tested with 3.2, but I assume it will work the same for 3.1).
Depends on: 314794
No longer depends on: 554997
Depends on: 554997
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patch (C&P from 553073)

>-	sed -e "s/%APP_VERSION%/$(MOZ_APP_VERSION)/" -e "s/%APP_NAME%/$(APP_NAME)/" $(srcdir)/macbuild/Contents/ > $(DIST)/$(APP_NAME).app/Contents/Info.plist
>+	sed -e "s/%APP_VERSION%/$(APP_VERSION)/" -e "s/%APP_NAME%/$(APP_NAME)/" -e "s/%LOWER_APP_NAME%/$(LOWER_APP_NAME)/" $(srcdir)/macbuild/Contents/ > $(DIST)/$(APP_NAME).app/Contents/Info.plist

Our makefile doesn't have APP_VERSION, so that bit should remain as MOZ_APP_VERSION.

Nomis101, want to update now that the dependent bugs seem fixed?
Assignee: bugzilla → Nomis101
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OK, fixed the overlooked thing.
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patch v2

Thanks for the update
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