Provide an additional Snooze Value "Remind me again x Min. before the event starts"



8 years ago
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8 years ago
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When the Lightning reminder window pops up, currently you can only snooze an alarm for "x minutes".
But there's no option for "Remind me again x Min. before the event starts".
Please provide such a snooze value.

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Component: Lightning Only → Dialogs
QA Contact: lightning → dialogs
I see the need for this, but given that the current mechanism is also needed, I'm having trouble imagining some UI that remains usabled. Suggestions wanted!
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8 years ago
For basic adjustment I suggest using a slider, for the advanced simply have some radiobuttons allowing to choose if the amount of time given should be considered from now or from the event start.

For the slider I suggest something like this:                       
* Time of event
X Sliderposition

Will snooze for 5 minutes.

Will snooze for 2 days.

Will snooze until 4 hours before the event starts.

Will snooze until the event starts.

Will snooze until 1 day after the event.

This could work, even for large values for "remind me X days before" unlike the current method. (i.e. birthday reminders set to 30 days in advance, and the largest default value offered is 1 day – which is not very useful).

Comment 3

7 years ago
This is a really important feature. I personally want an alarm the day before, and then an hour before, etc., and it's tedious to say "snooze for 23 hours".

Can't you just let the duration be specified, and then specify "from now" or "before event" in something like a dropdown? This seems like a simple, quick fix.

ex 1: 5 minutes FROM NOW
ex 2: 1 hour BEFORE EVENT
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