nanojit: convert i386 codegen macros to functions



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8 years ago
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This is good in general -- better type-checking, no danger of forgetting to over-parenthesise arguments.  And it'll also help particularly with bug 506693, where having the extra type-checking on some of the arguments will avoid potential errors because the args are cast before use.
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8 years ago
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Generally, great!

should these by typedefs?
#define R Register
#define I32 int32_t

IIRC, the inline keyword isn't required on method declarations, even if the definition is marked inline.  (but doesn't hurt, if you want to keep it for doc purposes)

I didn't review line by line for typos or cut+paste errors, counting on testing.
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8 years ago
Painful as it may be, shouldn't we institute a REALLY_INLINE functionality as we've been using in TR? Otherwise we'll find that some compile config will helpfully ignore plain old "inline"...

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8 years ago
maybe, but I haven't pushed on it, because:

* using out-of-line functions with the 'inline' keyword already avoids one of the problems, namely that the  use of 'inline' (or not) inside a class def wasn't treated uniformly.

* we haven't instituted a style where all methods are outside class defs.  (maybe we should, but imho thats a more important issue than REALLY_INLINE).

* to my knowlege, the performance of nanojit doesn't depend critically on any particular one of these functions being inlined.  if it did, i'd be for using REALLY_INLINE there.  but over-use of REALLY_INLINE is a recipe for bloat and eye strain.  I would want to see experimental data on code size and jit performance before committing to a policy in the code.

within TR, we probably err on the side of overuse of REALLY_INLINE in the -inlines.h files, but at least we're being consistent.

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8 years ago
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7 years ago
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