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[OOPP] Window re-positioning is very slow during scrolling


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Windows 7
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The window re-positioning of plugin content is very slow during scrolling.  The plugin content jumps up and down about 5 pixels during scrolling.  The CPU is constantly around 90 percent when this happens.

1) Load
2) Change to 1080p version
3) Scroll up and down by dragging the scrollbar slider up and down or by holding the up and down arrows keys down.

This bug has been around since OOPP landed but I though but 535295 would have also fixed this issue.
I don't see anything obvious on today's m-c nightly on an 8-core machine, win7, flash 10.1beta.

I see lots of choppiness on a single-core VM, but that's the same both OOPP and IPP.
Happens with OOPP enabled and d2d enabled and also happens with just either one of the enabled.  Does not happen when both are disabled.
Might be related to issue 553854.

I experience while scrolling a jump to over 70% of CSRSS.exe on an older single core processor. Please also test if the csrss.exe process is responsible for this slowdown for this issue.
Kurt, did you find a regression range where this started?  I know its still in the trunk, but the current ugliness I tracked I think to late August made it worse in bug 626245.
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> Kurt, did you find a regression range where this started?  

When OOPP landed.
Resolving old bugs which are likely not relevant any more, since NPAPI plugins are deprecated.
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