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Build Identifier: bugzilla 3.4.6 testopia latest stable from cvs

when i want to export test cases through the test cases tab in testopia dashboard i select one or more testcases and click on export test cases to csv. then i download the csv but it only contains the column names, no data.

The XML just contains
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>


Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. go to testopia dashboard
2. go to test cases
(optional select one or more test cases)
3. click on export test cases to XML
4. open xml with editor
Actual Results:  
"empty" file is downloaded

Expected Results:  
structure should be filled with data

i tried it with bugzilla 3.4.4, then updated to 3.4.6 and latest stable testopia but still no success...

Comment 1

8 years ago
Please be sure that you have installed all the optional Perl modules as listed during checksetup.

Comment 2

8 years ago
i think that should be alright:

root@it-scmsrvr:/var/www/bugzilla3# ./
* This is Bugzilla 3.4.6 on perl 5.10.0
* Running on Linux 2.6.31-20-generic-pae #58-Ubuntu SMP Fri Mar 12 06:25:51 UTC 2010

Checking perl modules...
Checking for     (v3.33)   ok: found v3.43
Checking for          Digest-SHA (any)     ok: found v5.45
Checking for            TimeDate (v2.21)   ok: found v2.22
Checking for            DateTime (v0.28)   ok: found v0.53
Checking for   DateTime-TimeZone (v0.71)   ok: found v1.10
Checking for                 DBI (v1.41)   ok: found v1.609
Checking for    Template-Toolkit (v2.22)   ok: found v2.22
Checking for          Email-Send (v2.00)   ok: found v2.197
Checking for          Email-MIME (v1.861)  ok: found v1.863
Checking for Email-MIME-Encodings (v1.313)  ok: found v1.313
Checking for Email-MIME-Modifier (v1.442)  ok: found v1.444
Checking for                 URI (any)     ok: found v1.37
Checking for                JSON (v2.10)   ok: found v2.15
Checking for           Text-Diff (v0.35)   ok: found v1.37
Checking for          GD-Graph3d (v0.63)   ok: found v0.63

Checking available perl DBD modules...
Checking for              DBD-Pg (v1.45)   ok: found v2.16.1
Checking for           DBD-mysql (v4.00)   ok: found v4.011
Checking for          DBD-Oracle (v1.19)    not found

The following Perl modules are optional:
Checking for                  GD (v1.20)   ok: found v2.39
Checking for               Chart (v1.0)    ok: found v2.4.1
Checking for         Template-GD (any)     ok: found v1.56
Checking for          GDTextUtil (any)     ok: found v0.86
Checking for             GDGraph (any)     ok: found v1.44
Checking for            XML-Twig (any)     ok: found v3.34
Checking for          MIME-tools (v5.406)  ok: found v5.427
Checking for         libwww-perl (any)     ok: found v5.829
Checking for         PatchReader (v0.9.4)  ok: found v0.9.5
Checking for          PerlMagick (any)     ok: found v6.5.1
Checking for           perl-ldap (any)     ok: found v0.39
Checking for         Authen-SASL (any)     ok: found v2.13
Checking for          RadiusPerl (any)     ok: found v0.17
Checking for           SOAP-Lite (v0.710.06) ok: found v0.710.10
Checking for         HTML-Parser (v3.40)   ok: found v3.61
Checking for       HTML-Scrubber (any)     ok: found v0.08
Checking for Email-MIME-Attachment-Stripper (any)     ok: found v1.316
Checking for         Email-Reply (any)     ok: found v1.202
Checking for         TheSchwartz (any)     ok: found v1.07
Checking for      Daemon-Generic (any)     ok: found v0.61
Checking for            mod_perl (v1.999022) ok: found v2.000004
Checking for            Text-CSV (v1.06)   ok: found v1.16
Checking for XML Schema Validator (v1.10)   ok: found v1.10
Checking for   XML Schema Parser (any)     ok: found v1.01
Checking for            XML Twig (any)     ok: found v3.34
Reading ./localconfig...

OPTIONAL NOTE: If you want to be able to use the 'difference between two
patches' feature of Bugzilla (which requires the PatchReader Perl module
as well), you should install patchutils from:

Checking for           DBD-mysql (v4.00)   ok: found v4.011
Checking for           MySQL (v4.1.2)  ok: found v5.1.37-1ubuntu5.1

Removing existing compiled templates...
Precompiling templates...done.
Fixing file permissions...

Checking Testopia setup ...
Done checking Testopia setup.
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