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Please update the text on Namoroka parks page (https://www.mozilla.org/about/parks/index.html) to the following: 

At Mozilla we foster a healthy ecosystem of communities that promote the ability to freely access, modify and distribute software and creative works. These ecosystems create a digital commons; a shared space, shared resources or network of ideas, applications and products that are free to use.

Famous for its unique topography, Namoroka is full of caves, canyons and natural swimming pools. Namoroka is also home to eight species of lemur. Here at Mozilla we are fond of things tailed and furry, so we decided to celebrate the release of Firefox 3.6 by supporting lemurs in Namoroka and throughout Madagascar. Much like a park is a vital ecosystem for collaboration, recreation, conservation and commerce, Mozilla, and other open software groups, has taken the values of park and used it as inspiration for the Internet. It comes as no suprise then that Mozilla has been naming versions of Firefox after parks for some time now. The Firefox 3.6 is called Namoroka, named for a park in the northwest section of Madagascar.

In the winter of 2010 Mozilla teamed up with the <a href="http://www.savethelemur.org">Madgascar Fauna Group (MFG)</a> to help Madagascar balance its need for wildlife and nature conservation with the needs of its rapidly growing population. Our goal was to support the lemurs of Madagascar with a donation of $10,000. Our goal was to support the MFG mission of saving Malagasy lemurs and lemur habitats by connecting them to the powerful tools of community and collaboration that exist on the web. 

The gift will also help the MFG's programs for protecting lemur habitats, stopping illegal lemur trapping and through educational programs that help Malagasy students finish school, providing them with job opportunities outside of illegal trapping and logging.

Thank you! During the campaign the Mozilla community raised over $12,000 celebrating the release of Firefox 3.6 and supporting Malagasy lemurs.

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9 years ago
Status update? I'd like to have this text updated as soon as we can, as we're sending out thank you communications to donors and the text does not reflect their achievement.

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9 years ago
I'll take a look at this today -- I had assumed we were holding off of updating this along with the new design, but no reason not to do it now.

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9 years ago
The new text is up there with some tweaks to the page layout and copy from initial comment.  Closing as fixed.  Feel free to reopen if there are any other changes to make for now.
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