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Update l10n-changesets for Firefox 3.6.4


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(blocking1.9.2 .4+, status1.9.2 .4-fixed)

Tracking Status
blocking1.9.2 --- .4+
status1.9.2 --- .4-fixed


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We need to get the sign-offs from Lorentz back in to 3.6.4.

Technical mumbo jumbo for those in the know, aka, gandalf:

I bootstrapped the sign-offs on lorentz with those of fx3.6 with 
 python transplant_signoffs fx3.6 lorentz

I created a compagnion command to get the new signoffs from lorentz back onto fx3.6, which is gonna be
 python merge_signoffs lorentz fx3.6

Both are in the shipping app.

After that, we should actually review the remaining pending opt-ins on 3.6.x.

Then we'll be fine to just hit our "ship" button and use the l10n-changesets download from the dashboard.

End of technical jargon for gandalf.
blocking1.9.2: --- → ?
a=LegNeato for
blocking1.9.2: ? → .4+
FWIW, the merge of lorentz has happened.

The current status is at and

l10n-changesets still needs landing, waiting on code-readiness to bite off as much as we can chew.
FYI, this is the final open/unlanded blocker for
Any ETA on this landing since we are past code complete now?
According to my inbox, we're not code complete, bug 558390 is open and blocking still.
Yes, it is and as soon as it comes in, you'll be the long pole. It would be nice if this was in before bug 558390 landed unless you're blocked by it.
Axel, bug 558390 now has a fix and should be coming in shortly (FYI)
Guys, we did discuss this at length in the delivery call two weeks back.

I land l10n-changesets once code is complete, and until then, I'm fine to sit here and wait for better localizations to ship.

It was well communicated that this step is adding delay to the release process, and that's it. If you want things fast, there's a thread in .planning without any response to figure out if the changes we take are really worth the process burden., FIXED.
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Nothing for QA to do here with this bug for verification.
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