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message/rfc822 attachment appears empty multipart/mixed


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Attached testcase reduced from client query.  Main message should say "Please see attached", and attached message should say "Good Afternoon ...".  Instead attached message says nothing.  But curiously, if I hit "Reply" or "Reply All", the quote shows the complete HTML instead of just the greeting.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Open attached (to this bug) message with File > Open Saved Message
2. Open attached (to the message) message
3. Marvel at space left unintentionally blank
Actual Results:  
Blank (but not really) message

Expected Results:  
Non-blank message ("Good Afternoon ...")

I got a few colleagues to try this with various versions of Thunderbird (generally 3.0.something) and they see much the same brokenness.
Attached file Reduced testcase
Attachment #439553 - Attachment mime type: message/rfc822 → text/plain
Summary: message/rfc822 attachment appears empty → message/rfc822 attachment appears empty multipart/mixed
Component: Message Reader UI → MIME
Product: Thunderbird → MailNews Core
QA Contact: message-reader → mime
Keywords: testcase
if I open the attachment with view body as plain, nothing is in the nullshredder compose window. If I have set view body as original HTML. I get 

fetching seems to be ok, excerpt of log.[Gmail]/INBOX/problemEmails:STREAM:OPEN Size: 2337: Begin Message Download Stream[Gmail]/INBOX/problemEmails:SHELL:GENERATE-MessageRFC822: 0[Gmail]/INBOX/problemEmails:SHELL:GENERATE-MessageHeaders: 0[Gmail]/INBOX/problemEmails:SHELL:GENERATE-Part-Prefetched: 0[Gmail]/INBOX/problemEmails:SHELL:GENERATE-Multipart: 0[Gmail]/INBOX/problemEmails:SHELL:GENERATE-Boundary: 0[Gmail]/INBOX/problemEmails:SHELL:GENERATE-Multipart: 1[Gmail]/INBOX/problemEmails:SHELL:GENERATE-MIMEHeader: 1[Gmail]/INBOX/problemEmails:SHELL:GENERATE-Boundary: 1[Gmail]/INBOX/problemEmails:SHELL:GENERATE-Multipart: 1.1[Gmail]/INBOX/problemEmails:SHELL:GENERATE-MIMEHeader: 1.1[Gmail]/INBOX/problemEmails:SHELL:GENERATE-Boundary: 1.1[Gmail]/INBOX/problemEmails:SHELL:GENERATE-Leaf: 1.1.1[Gmail]/INBOX/problemEmails:SHELL:GENERATE-XHeader: 1.1.1[Gmail]/INBOX/problemEmails:SHELL:GENERATE-MIMEHeader: 1.1.1[Gmail]/INBOX/problemEmails:SHELL:GENERATE-Filling: 1.1.1[Gmail]/INBOX/problemEmails:SHELL:GENERATE-Boundary: 1.1[Gmail]/INBOX/problemEmails:SHELL:GENERATE-Leaf: 1.1.2[Gmail]/INBOX/problemEmails:SHELL:GENERATE-MIMEHeader: 1.1.2[Gmail]/INBOX/problemEmails:SHELL:GENERATE-Part-Inline: 1.1.2[Gmail]/INBOX/problemEmails:SendData: 17 UID fetch 2 (BODY.PEEK[1.1.2])
 ReadNextLine [stream=500a750 nb=35 needmore=0][Gmail]/INBOX/problemEmails:CreateNewLineFromSocket: * 2 FETCH (UID 2 BODY[1.1.2] {63}
 ReadNextLine [stream=500a750 nb=8 needmore=0][Gmail]/INBOX/problemEmails:CreateNewLineFromSocket: <html>
 ReadNextLine [stream=500a750 nb=8 needmore=0][Gmail]/INBOX/problemEmails:CreateNewLineFromSocket: <body>
 ReadNextLine [stream=500a750 nb=29 needmore=0][Gmail]/INBOX/problemEmails:CreateNewLineFromSocket: <p>Please see attached.</p>
 ReadNextLine [stream=500a750 nb=9 needmore=0][Gmail]/INBOX/problemEmails:CreateNewLineFromSocket: </body>
 ReadNextLine [stream=500a750 nb=9 needmore=0][Gmail]/INBOX/problemEmails:CreateNewLineFromSocket: </html>
 ReadNextLine [stream=500a750 nb=3 needmore=0][Gmail]/INBOX/problemEmails:CreateNewLineFromSocket: )
 ReadNextLine [stream=500a750 nb=15 needmore=0]
Ever confirmed: true
Problem was observed with Tb 3.0.4, test mail in local mail folder.

When mail of message/rfc822 part is opened in stand-alone window, next exception occurred.
> Error: msgHdr.folder is null
> Source File: chrome://messenger/content/mailWindowOverlay.js
> Line: 2696

NSPR log with all:5 for "open attached mail in stand-alone window".
> 00000880 11:08:06.439 [3172] 0[182d140]: DOCSHELL 39d5c00 InternalLoad mailbox:///C|/Documents%20and%20Settings/wada/Application%20Data/Thunderbird/Profiles/	
> 00000881 11:08:06.439 [3172] 5328[4047840]: read -> 2458	
> 00000882 11:08:06.455 [3172] 0[182d140]: DOCUMENT 26cd000 created	
> 00000883 11:08:06.455 [3172] 0[182d140]: NODEINFOMANAGER 4021b80 created	
> 00000884 11:08:06.455 [3172] 0[182d140]: NODEINFOMANAGER 4021b80 Init document=26cd000	
> 00000885 11:08:06.455 [3172] 0[182d140]: DOCUMENT 26cd000 StartDocumentLoad mailbox:///C|/Documents%20and%20Settings/wada/Application%20Data/Thunderbird/Profiles/	
> 00000886 11:08:06.455 [3172] 0[182d140]: DOCUMENT 26cd000 ResetToURI mailbox:///C|/Documents%20and%20Settings/wada/Application%20Data/Thunderbird/Profiles/	
> 00000887 11:08:06.455 [3172] 0[182d140]: DOCSHELL 39d5c00 SetCurrentURI mailbox:///C|/Documents%20and%20Settings/wada/Application%20Data/Thunderbird/Profiles/	
> 00000888 11:08:06.455 [3172] 0[182d140]: Mailbox Done	
> 00000889 11:08:06.455 [3172] 0[182d140]: file chrome://messenger/content/mailWindowOverlay.js, line 2696: TypeError: msgHdr.folder is null
The issue is that (as is par for the course with Outlook), someone is sending a malformed message. Thunderbird chokes upon seeing a message/rfc822 subpart of a multipart/related part.
Blocks: multipartfailtracker
No longer blocks: 269826
Can be reproduced with TB 49 (2016-05-17) with attachment 439553 [details].
Severity: normal → S3
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