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Need test server with captcha disabled for account creation testing


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I'm working on a weave testing extension called Crossweave (  In order to test account creation, I need a test server on which the captcha requirement has been disabled, so that it is possible to create accounts programmatically.  Alternately, I can use a manually created account, but this will not test account creation, and will probably make this tool a little less flexible in the long term.
Looping in Zandr. He should be able to, at least for test runs, disable the captchas on the staging server ( if it isn't already.

Alternately, it's possible to set up an admin override header that will preempt the need for a captcha. Zandr would have to set up that config, too.
Assignee: telliott → zandr
Summary: Need test server with catcha disabled for account creation testing → Need test server with captcha disabled for account creation testing
hey guys, any update on this?
#If you want to be able to create and delete users using an admin secret, set it here. If you
#do, you'll be able to pass in an X-Weave-Secret header (or do so through the user creation scripts)

I'll email the key to :tchung and :jgriffin
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Zandr says ldap is broke right now, so you wont be able to do much with the test server.   Check with him to know when thats running again before you verify this bug is fixed.
We rolled back the LDAP changes, you should be working. (Buildbot is failing right now but that's expected)
johnathan, can you confirm when you get a chance?
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