Upgrade from 2.023 (& 2.024) to 3.04 deletes all mail in inbox



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1. Upgraded 2.024 to 3.04. After long 'Indexing' process, I closed the Migration Wizard and found my Inbox empty.
2. Changed location of mail files (to D:\UserID\Application Data\Thunderbird\Profiles\Profile.default\...
2. Closed 3.04.
3. Copied backup ..\Profile to location in 2 above.
4. Reopened 3.04. Inbox is still empty.
5. Uninstalled 3.04 (via RevoUninstaller)
6. Installed 2.023. Still no Inbox contents. However, now I have 2 named UserID and one named Smart Folders. The 2nd USerID account and the Smart Folders account have a note stating "This is a special account. There are no identities associated with it." In addition, these two accounts have only 2 entries under their listings: Disk Space and Junk Settings.By changing the name of the 2 UserID accounts, I find that the 1st UserID account is not available.
7. Again, I close 2.023 and copy the backup profile to the target drive (D:\...as above). Still no Inbox contents.

C'mon folks, this is a problem that has been reported at least 20 times in getsatisfaction under the heading "Cannot see local folders in Thunderbird 3 WAS:Where's my stuff". It has been ignored since at least the release of the first production (?) version of 3.x. What is it that I need to do to resolve this?

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Start with a working installation of TB 2.x
2. Install TB 3.x
Actual Results:  
See the description above.

Expected Results:  
I expect to upgrade the program AND be able to access my existing mail with it.

I am willing to walk through this (if necessary). Please let me know and I will supply a phone # or call.


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8 years ago
did the latest comments help? http://getsatisfaction.com/mozilla_messaging/topics/where_s_my_stuff
Version: unspecified → 3.0

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8 years ago
NO. Does Mozilla plan on doing anything at all about this? I would appreciate some timely response.

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8 years ago
If you have a backup of your 2.023 profile, and the new profile, can you e-mail the prefs.js files in the root of the profiles to me at bienvenu@mozillamessaging.com and I can have a look.

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8 years ago
jchibbard is your issue sorted out?
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8 years ago
Not really. Your installation code for 3.X corrupts the path(s) in prefs.js that tell Thunderbird where existing mail resides. Worse, if you change the path(s) under Options, Thunderbird proceeds to 'index' (whatever that is) which results in additional corruption of the same sort as the original install created. In addition, I also experienced corruption to the path identifying my existing address book.

So far as I can tell, no one on your side has even looked into the root causes of this corruption.

What I have done is to force someone there to take the time to manually modify my prefs.js and answer questions about it for two computers and then take what I learned from that process to dump my existing data into the location that a clean install of 3.X created.

This seems like the worse possible work around due to a lack of a trustworthy install process (for updates from 2.x to 3.x) and a lack of available documentation.

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8 years ago
I spent a fair amount of time trying unsuccessfully to recreate the issue. I've got a D:\foo profile to prove it. I know it's happening, but I don't know how to recreate it.

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8 years ago
Thanks David. I did not know until now that you had been trying to reproduce this issue.

I have zero or less doubt that you know much more about this subject matter than I do. Since I am unable to add anything else to this at this point, I guess the only alternative is to close the issue.
David maybe having the full profile instead of just prefs.js might help ?

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8 years ago
Having a full profile might help, but I think it might depend on the OS as well. I suspect the core issue has to do with the fact that rel paths written to prefs.js in 2.0.x to directories outside the profile dir seem to have been slightly broken - they have too many "../" - i.e., they back up past the drive specifier. But when I try it, the code seems to handle that.
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