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Liaise with Flash Player team re: versioning files


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Q1 12 - Brannan


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See bug #559994.  There are files in the core/ directory in the Tamarin repository that are used to control the versioning setup - api-versions.xml and api-versions.{h,as,java}, which are generated from the xml files by utils/ - and the xml file should probably not diverge from the file the player uses.  We need a setup to ensure that that does not happen.
Two possibilities seems the most obvious:

(1) Have the canonical Flash/AIR versions live in Tamarin. This makes testing and synchronization easy for Adobe, but is suboptimal for everyone else. It also is conceptually distasteful.

(2) Don't even try to keep them in sync; have avmshell use one set, and Flash/AIR use a completely different set. (Drawback here is that we'll have to synthesize test cases in avmshell, and even then coverage won't be as large as in Flash/AIR.)

Previous comment said "the xml file should probably not diverge from the file the player uses" -- not sure I agree with that assertion, since other embedders could want their own versions, and having a different setup in avmshell would prove robustness.
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