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Feature request: Provide a way to have accounts or, preferably, individual folder trees located elsewhere than under the profile parent directory.

E.g., I would like to put some of my very large folders in a different location (e.g., a different drive on Windows or a different directory/filesystem under Linux).  I move messages between different accounts from within the same TB session, so doing this by having different profiles and restarting TB isn't the solution.

The simplest solution would probably be to do this on the account level, having an advanced option 'account home directory' which defaults to the normal location.  Being able to do it on a folder-by-folder basis would be preferable, but probably a lot harder to do and keep track of.

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Not really a bug..?
Does mail.server.server#.directory / mail.server.server#.directory-rel (where # stands for the index of the server in question*) do what you need? (http://kb.mozillazine.org/Moving_from_Windows_to_Linux#Troubleshooting has a bit of information about those settings; mostly, the important point seems to be that directory-rel takes precedence if set).

You've probably already seen http://kb.mozillazine.org/Sharing_a_profile_between_Windows_and_Linux, but I'll link it just in case.

*Finding the server in question is a multi-step process within the Config Editor (Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> General -> Config Editor on Windows; Edit -> Preferences etc on Linux). Each step follows the basic pattern: search for a value, find the entry with that value and an index (represented by #A, #B, etc) in its name, save the index for the next step.
First, search for the email address of the account in an entry having the name mail.identity.id#A.useremail; next, search for 'id#A' in mail.account.account#B.identities; then find the value mail.account.account#B.server, which will be server#C. That value is the server.
(If you're unlucky, like me, you'll have multiple identities. This requires additional fiddling, but I expect it's the same principle, just another few steps.)

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Account settings -> Server settings -> Local directory is exactly what you wish for (whole account is stored in that folder, not inside the profile). Does it not work for you?
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