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It would be nice to be able to test your mail filters.

I'm picturing something along the following:
1. Hit the ``Test'' button, a special window pops up
2. Fill in the From:, To:, Cc:, Subject: and Body: fields; hit ``Test'' again
3. A dialog window tells you where this message would have ended up

This would help when writing filters, since Mozilla does not stop after the
first filter that effects the mail, and sometimes mail ends up in an unexpected
location because a later filter moves it to the wrong spot.

Sorry, my mistake.  Mozilla does actually stop at the first filter to effect a mail.

I think this would still be a good idea, though.  I ended up testing my filters
by forging e-mail after e-mail to myself.
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I think it is better and easier actually to forge the message as you said.  That
way you are actually testing against a real email message, and even better would
be to find a sample message that you want to filter, and forge that to yourself.
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