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The Fennec (Mobile Firefox) 1.1 release is planned this quarter (probably at the end of April/beginning of May).

Changes have been made to the download page.  You can view those here:


You can view the page from webdev on staging server here:


The file is in the SVN repository in your locale folder. 
If possible, please commit directly to SVN.  Once you are done, update this bug.

If you commit directly to SVN, you can see your translation on the staging server linked above (updated every 15mn) by just changing the en-GB locale code by your own locale code.

Alternatively, you can attach the files to this bug (either individually or as
a zip archive).

If you attach individual .html files, please attach them with the plain/text
Mime format.

News and instructions affecting all locales will be posted and updated if
necessary in the master bug (bug 556894)



9 years ago
No longer depends on: 556908
Mobile page commited in r71744.
Platforms page done in r71745.
Unsupported page done in r71746.
Features page done in r71748 and faq page added to svn in r71749.

The /m/ pages are now in Polish, but we still need to do /mobile, which is partially included in /m/.
We took a few fixes to the /m/ page (thanks to Katarzyna for the patch).


We're now translating the /mobile page.
Another Katarzyna's patch landed in r72049.
Katarzyna translated most of the mobile site, parts of it that I have reviewed and slightly corrected have been just checked in (latest check-in is r72232). We might still take a few corrections there, though.

Customize, Faq and Developers sections are under review and translation now. :)
Developers page done in r72233.
Initial faq-content translation done in r72267, but someone (Katarzyna? ;-) should still proof-read it.
Some additional fixes by Katarzyna in r72276 (for Fennec and Fx Home pages)
The translation is now complete (r72285), but I'm not considering it final, yet. :)
Ok, I think we're ready with r72344, you can publish it. :)

The only problem is that it seems that the "Sync Your Desktop & Mobile" translation does not get picked up from main.lang, but I see this problem e.g. in already published "de" version too.

And there should probably be a main.lang entry for "Firefox Home for iPhone" for that menu, too...
Spotted a minor punctuation error, patch attached.
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Checked in as r72352. Pascal, please use this revision for publication.

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9 years ago
thanks, will do it today/tomorrow (sorry for not doing it last week end, I was at a place with no internet :) )

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9 years ago
all published, we are sharing code with en-US for the side menu, I'll check what changed there. Thanks all
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