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Right click no longer gives me toolbar menu after I've hidden navigation bar


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Windows Vista





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When I right click and get my toolbar menu, I like to hide the navigation bar for watching movies while I'm using my computer. I can have a nice, little, space-efficient window in a corner of my screen. However, when I open a new Mozilla window, the navigation bar is hidden - that's fine. But when I right click to get my menu, it does not appear. I must use Alt, V, T, N. I would like to right click and get my menu. This has been a problem for the last two versions - that is, the version that just came out, and the one prior. 

(This form is extremely frustrating. I do not have a clue what the "hardware platform" is. PLEASE make this form usable for normal people.) 

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Right click  to get toolbar menu.
2. Click to hide the navigation bar.
2. Right click to get toolbar menu again.

Actual Results:  
NO toolbar menu appears when navigation bar is hidden.

Expected Results:  
I expect to see the same toolbar menu I saw before.

I've been right clicking to use my toolbar menu for a loooong time. I have not been able to make the toolbar menu appear when I right click after hiding the navigation bar during the most recent two versions of Firefox.
Absolutely correct.

But - uncheck both the menu bar and the navigation bar.
There is no right-click menu, making it impossible to restore any of the menu options.

It is erratic.  Sometimes with the navigation bar unchecked, you can find the right-click menu - but only in the left 1/3 of the space at the top.
If you then click on any of the tabs - the menu unchecks itself again.

Totally not obvious to a general user to then open a new tab and click ALT (as was advised me after an hour of conversation with the two techs.  They confirmed the bug.
The above was found in Firefox 3.6.3,with Windows XP.
THANK YOU! Yes, I know about using the Alt keys but I'm lazy and stupid, so I like the easy way! What I like to do is right click and then strike the "n" on the keyboard to get my navigation bar back. Is this a big deal? Heck, no! But I teach online and I have my little shortcuts and I like to have a Netflix movie in a little corner of the screen while I'm grading papers, etc. Like I said, I'm lazy and stupid - so those few extra keystrokes (Alt, v, t, n) to get the navigation bar back is such a travesty! Poor me! 


Thanks for the answer - I confess, it does bug me because I use this function several times a day. I appreciate your time and attention. I hope they fix it. I have my favorite little shortcuts and I'm totally spoiled by them! 

BTW - I don't know what to do about "status" here. I guess I'll put "unconfirmed" because the other options shown when I look at how to assign a status aren't there! Only "unconfirmed" and "resolved" are available to me. Well, it's neither! This whole business of reporting bugs is confusing to me. But as I said, I'm stupid! I appreciate lovely people like YOU who answer these questions to be helpful. I don't know the implications for choosing a status - I just hope my choice does not reflect poorly on you because you don't deserve THAT.
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> The above was found in Firefox 3.6.3,with Windows XP.

I'm not sure if I properly replied to you, but I have a reply here in this board. I wanted to add that it's not erratic for me... it happens every time. Weird, huh? Anyway, I really do appreciate your time and attention. Thank you!!
I asked the Firefox tech person to confirm the bug.  Neither of us have the option to confirm this bug, I believe. He said that he would, as he was able to recreate the bug per the steps that I found.  

I said erratic - not to mean that it does not happen every time, but that it acts strangely - with the menu disappearing when you click in odd places, after the original problem.

I also noticed that the choice to uncheck menu is not even present in earlier versions of Firefox.  It's kind of like painting yourself into a corner.  The techs said LOTS of people complain about this.  They thought it was a driver update thing - but I updated all my drivers and it still happens.
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