re-download broken messages with multipart/mixed body



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Sometimes (this happens to me about 2 times a month) Thunderbird downloads a message from my IMAP server (Google mail) and it appears to be broken in all kinds of ways. Headers are incomplete, parts from other mails appear and attachements are incomplete.

Now this wouldn't be a problem, if I could tell Thunderbird to re-download the message. I know, that this would solve the issue (at least for me) because at work, Thunderbird downloads the messages correctly.

But Thunderbird keeps using the copy it saved. There's no way to invalidate that copy.

Please add something, to make Thunderbird re-downbload a message.
I would imagine something like a context-menu item.

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can you right click on te folder that has the issue and then choose properties and then click rebuild index, that should solve your issue.
Summary: re-download broken messages → re-download broken messages with multipart/mixed body
Sven ping ?
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8 years ago
Sorry for not responding. I haven't had this issue again yet.

However, I believe that my original problem was caused by a problem on the server side. I believe, that google's server sometimes served wrong content to the client, especially if attachements were involved.

Or maybe you're right, and it was a client error and thunderbird's database was broken (which, might have happended since I was out of diskspace a few times, as I recall).

I tested the "rebuild index" button (which in german is called "repair"). It seems to redownload all messages. I'm not convinced, that this is the best way of fixing the issue (especially if it's applied to my INBOX with 3000+ messages). Also, if it's a problem with the local thunderbird database, the problems shouldn't have happened in the first place (I know it's hard) or at least Thunderbird should prompt for a rebuild once an inconsistency is detected.
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