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Test fails for Importing settings for windows live mail


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Thunderbird 3.3a1


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test need a fix. Currently it cross checks all prefs but each machine may assign different ID etc so simple equality check won't work.
testvar has

import creates data with different id number.
Attached patch test (obsolete) — Splinter Review
removes problem prefs like references to relative number id1 id2 etc. Also absolute paths and other prefs that does not need checking.

Locates failures and dumps prefs in log for review if needed.
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same, made unix l/e so diff is better.
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test to check import patch

> //////////////// -- Modified nsIWindowsRegKey implementation ---
>   Components.manager
>             .unregisterFactory(Components.ID("{0478de5b-0f38-4edb-851d-4c99f1ed8eba}"),
>                                              factory);
> //////////////// -- Modified nsIWindowsRegKey 

I'd feel more comfortable putting this ahead of the do_throw()'s.
I think I was suppose to use a generated uid for that also, which I just copied it from the other test.
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test to check import patch

Sorry in the delay to getting back to this. That's much better.
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Checked in:

Should we also be putting this on the comm-1.9.2 branch at some stage?
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I think we should.
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test to check import patch

(In reply to comment #6)
> Checked in:
> Should we also be putting this on the comm-1.9.2 branch at some stage?
(In reply to comment #7)
> I think we should.

does test need any changes to land in 1.9.2?
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Backed out on branch due to test failures, which I suspect were the order of the prefs:

Start test dump
"popdisplayname","popdisplayname","testpop@invalid.invalid","testpop@invalid.invalid","test","test","mozillanews@invalid.invalid","mozillanews@invalid.invalid","Don Hall","Wingtip Toys","","","Don Hall","Wingtip Toys","","","[ProfD]News","[ProfD]ImapMail","[ProfD]News","[ProfD]Mail","[ProfD]Mail","true","false","true","true","[ProfD]Mail/pop3.test.test","pop3.test.test","true","testpopaccountname","pop3","testpopusername","[ProfD]Mail/Local Folders","Local Folders","Local Folders","none","nobody","[ProfD]News/","","accountnamemozillanews","[ProfD]News/","nntp","true","[ProfD]News/","","donhallnntp","[ProfD]News/","nntp","don","true","[ProfD]ImapMail/","","donhallimap","Inbox","imap","don","[ProfD]News/","","Microsoft Communities Test","[ProfD]News/","nntp","smtp.pop.test","","don",
end test dump
TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | e:/buildbot/win32-comm-1.9.2-check/build/objdir/mozilla/_tests/xpcshell/test_import/unit/test_winmail.js | failed to match item 41: true ||| [ProfD]News/ - See following stack:
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