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Dromaeo DOM Events (Prototype) and DOM Event (jQuery) tests don't seem to trace well


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While profiling Dromaeo, I noticed that the DOM Events tests don't
actually seem to test DOM event handling, because JS code doesn't run
fast there.
Shark shows rather deep recursion of js_fun_call/js_Interpret/js_fun_apply
and if I read that all correctly, tracing doesn't work there.
(I was told that nested js_Interpret calls pretty much disable tracing)

The actual event handling takes just few % in the test.
Shaver tells me that Jason has been working on a fix for the deep bail problem.
I assume this is a tracking bug?  Bug 532696 and its dependencies cover the things I saw on the prototype tests last time I looked at them.  We probably need to look at the abort logs and trace exit logs for jquery too.  Smaug, were you going to do that?
Depends on: 532696
I don't know how to look at abort logs or trace exits, but probably
time to learn that.
> I don't know how to look at abort logs or trace exits

Catch me on irc or e-mail and we can talk?  Would love to have another DOM person looking at that sort of stuff.  ;)
Blocks: 562785
bz/smaug, is this bug still a valid non-TM bug or has DOM perf work moved on to other bugs at this point?
Would need to redo the profile from comment 0 to tell.  Olli, can you do that, or should I?
I could re-profile.
Blocks: 928318
Based on Bug 928318 the situation hasn't really improved.
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Old TM bug, no longer valid.

Closed: 5 months ago
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