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Exception setting up account


(Thunderbird :: Account Manager, defect, trivial)

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Thunderbird 12.0


(Reporter: davida, Assigned: BenB)



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I tried to setup an account for my "" account, and it failed to complete the guessing, and dumped this:

-- Exception object --
+ _message (string) 'Supplied value not in allowed list'
+ stack (string) 2952 chars
+ message (string) 'Supplied value not in allowed list'
+ toString (function) 3 lines
-- Stack Trace --
Exception("Supplied value not in allowed list")@chrome://messenger/content/accountcreation/util.js:179
(null,[object Object],-1)@chrome://messenger/content/accountcreation/sanitizeDatatypes.js:216
guessConfig("",(function (type, hostname, port, ssl, done, config) {"progress callback host " + hostname + " port " + port + " type " + type);if (type == "imap" || type == "pop3") {config.incoming.type = type;config.incoming.hostname = hostname;config.incoming.port = port;config.incoming.socketType = ssl;config.incoming._inprogress = !done;} else if (type == "smtp" && !me._userPickedOutgoingServer) {config.outgoing.hostname = hostname;config.outgoing.port = port;config.outgoing.socketType = ssl;config.outgoing._inprogress = !done;}me.updateConfig(config);}),(function (config) {me.foundConfig(config);"in success, incomingState = " + me._incomingState + " outgoingState = " + me._outgoingState);if (me._incomingState == "done" && me._outgoingState == "done") {me.stopSpinner("found_settings_guess");_hide("stop_button");_show("edit_button");} else if (me._incomingState == "done" && me._outgoingState != "probing") {if (me._outgoingState == "failed") {me.stopSpinner("failed_to_find_settings");} else {me.stopSpinner("found_settings_guess");}me.editConfigDetails();} else if (me._outgoingState == "done" && me._incomingState != "probing") {if (me._incomingState == "failed") {me.stopSpinner("failed_to_find_settings");} else {me.stopSpinner("found_settings_guess");}me.editConfigDetails();}if (me._outgoingState != "probing" && me._incomingState != "probing") {me._probeAbortable = null;}}),(function (e, config) {"guessConfig failed: " + e);me.updateConfig(config);me.stopSpinner("failed_to_find_settings");me._probeAbortable = null;me.editConfigDetails();}),(function (e, config) {"guessConfig failed for incoming: " + e);me._setIconAndTooltip("incoming", "failed", "");me._incomingState = "failed";config.incoming.hostname = -1;me.updateConfig(config);}),(function (e, config) {"guessConfig failed for outgoing: " + e);me._setIconAndTooltip("outgoing", "failed", "");me._outgoingState = "failed";if (!me._userPickedOutgoingServer) {config.outgoing.hostname = -1;}me.updateConfig(config);}),[object Object],"both")@chrome://messenger/content/accountcreation/guessConfig.js:223
("",[object Object],"both")@chrome://messenger/content/accountcreation/emailWizard.js:587
([object Object])@chrome://messenger/content/accountcreation/emailWizard.js:496
([object ProgressEvent])@chrome://messenger/content/accountcreation/fetchhttp.js:145

on console.
This is just informational, not a real bug. The exception is normal and not the cause of any problem (if there's a problem, it's unrelated). I should remove that exception dump, it's confusing.

|type| is null, which means we should guess the protocol:

415    * @param type {String-enum}@see AccountConfig type
416    *     (Optional. default, 0, undefined, null = guess it)
426     var protocol = sanitize.translate(type,
427         { "imap" : IMAP, "pop3" : POP, "smtp" : SMTP }, UNKNOWN);
216     var e = new MalformedException("allowed_value.error", unchecked);
217     if (typeof(defaultValue) == "undefined")
218       throw e;
219     logException(e);
220     return defaultValue;

Remove the logException() in sanitizeDatatypes.js line 217 (and line 187).
Severity: normal → trivial
Assignee: nobody → ben.bucksch
eh, I mean line 219
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Hey Ben,

I just noticed a second error here.  If you try to find the settings for, even though we fail to find the setting for the outgoing SMTP server, the informational message is stuck at "Looking up configuration: Trying common server names".

Would you mind fixing that in this patch as well?

IMHO, that should be a different bug. Please also check first that bug 549045 doesn't fix that.
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FIx, v1

Okay, given that I'll be filing a new bug for the other problem, this looks good to me.
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What about checking it in? Any other review needed?
Nope, we just need someone to mark it checkin-needed…

(In theory it needs sr, cause it's in /mailnews/, but in practice, Thunderbird is the only product that uses this code, so we can get away without it.)
Keywords: checkin-needed
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Closed: 8 years ago
Keywords: checkin-needed
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Target Milestone: --- → Thunderbird 12.0
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