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[autoconfig] The Cancel button should have an icon in Linux


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The cancel button in autoconfig should have an appropriate icon in Linux. See screenshot.
Continue button, too, then.
Actually, I'm not quite sure if my bugreport is valid. Apparently, native GTK apps don't have icons on OK, Cancel, and many other buttons on my Debian installation. Someone whose theme uses those icons should confirm validity of this bug.
For me, GNOME apps don't have button icons. KDE apps do have icons.
Severity: normal → minor
Giving the buttons icons makes the text go off-center and makes the whole button look odd, so I would strongly recommend against that.
There is a gconf-key called "buttons_have_icons" that is set to "false" by default on GNOME systems, setting this to true will turn icons on in most [1] of the buttons in GTK+ apps.

1. Too many verbs out there to draw for all buttons to ever have that, as we fortunately don't live in the land of OK/Cancel any more. :)
Severity: minor → normal
Severity: normal → minor
I think the bug still remains valid to some extent: icons should either be provided on all OK/Cancel buttons, or none. Currently, some buttons have them (e.g. about dialog), and some others don't. That's kinda messed up, don't you think?
-> UX
Yes, we should be consistent here (but perhaps make exceptions on good grounds in some cases). I think there are two possible options here:
* Implement the functionality to listen to the buttons_have_icons gconf key that is either true or false.
* Open bugs on the other places where we are currently using icons in the buttons of dialogs.
I personally think icons are good, so I'd prefer not to go with your option 2.

I think the reason that this dialog stands out is that it's not a standard dialog, it's just throwing in buttons. Maybe we can adjust the code to use more of the standard dialog functionality, and we won't need to manually read gconf stuff (that sounds wrong).

However, I'd need a concrete description what you see (with the gconf icon pref on and off) in this dialog and in other dialogs, and an example of a non-trivial dialog which works well for you.
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