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Decide on unique name for new quick filter bar (proposal: "QuickFilter bar") and fix tooltip strings etc. accordingly


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We should decide on a unique name for the new quick filter bar.

- you want to refer to the new quick filter bar

Actual result
- current name is "Quick filter bar"
- many people will read this as "a filter bar", and "it's quick"
- many people will not recognize this as a fixed expression that we want to use for THE QuickFilter bar, where QuickFilter is logically ONE entity to refer to the new feature

Expeced result
- I think we'd better use "QuickFilter bar" (without space)
- we'd thus use a common pattern for branding: make a term unique by dropping the space between words
- in the long run, we are making it easier for people to un-ambigously refer to this feature or UI element, potentially avoiding confusion with other types of filtering. Iow, we're doing ourselves a favour in terms of efficient support, bug filing etc.

Next Steps

If we decide for "QuickFilter", we'll have to change respective strings:
- in the application (e.g. the tooltip of the QuickFilter tab toggle)
- in the release notes
- in other kinds of documentation and press releases

Bryan, what do you think?
Blocks: filterbar, 561534
CC'ing Bryan for feedback on comment 0: use "QuickFilter" (without space) as the name for the new feature.

Here's a site that's already using the term "QuickFilter" (although their description is poor):

The irony of using "Quick Filter" is that it actually sounds a bit slow and clumsy because it's two words. IMO, QuickFilter sounds "speedier".
Thanks for raising this issue.  I think there are valid reasons to choose either "Quick Filter" or "QuickFilter".  To me when you combine the terms into QuickFilter it seems more of a new brand than an action/label.  We were actually advised by marketing to remove the "Quick Filter" label altogether to avoid creating a brand within the Thunderbird brand; something we didn't do.  So I need to avoid taking that one step even further.

I'm going to mark this wontfix as it is late in the cycle to make a string change and I would especially need the backing and support of marketing to make this late l10n change.
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